Purchasing a home for the first time can be one of the scariest but most exciting times of someone’s life.  The best way to go about making your first home purchase is to do your research and take your time.  This will make the process and outcome as smooth as possible and that is exactly what you want during a monumental chapter of your life. If you’re thinking, well where do I even start, The Gargaro Group is here to guide you in the right direction and ease the stress.

      First thing you’ll want to do and the most important advice, if you take anything from this article, Pay off all debt before making any kind of purchase of this magnitude. Even if you think you are in the clear and debit free, you will have many expenses after purchasing your home you will have to include in your budget so be mindful when making these decisions.

    Next it’s all business! You will want to determine how much house you can afford.  The best way to do so is to use a mortgage calculator which you can find easily online. This will also take in account the down payment of 20% or more you will have to put down on the purchase. Saving for closing costs is crucial as you will have to pay for the appraisal, home inspection, credit report, attorney, and homeowners insurance. I know I know, this all sounds like it’s too much! But trust us, if you follow the rules, you wont get in any debit trouble.

      Over extending yourself when making a purchase is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You shouldn’t be spending more than what you can afford. This is the fastest way you can lose your home and get foreclosed on.

       Lastly, make a competitive offer within your budget! Now that you have some proper guidelines on how to spend, you’ll know how to make the right offer. This is where we come in, hiring the right real estate agent for you is key.  Anthony Gargaro of The Gargaro Group prides himself on ensuring the home buying process for his clients goes as smoothly as possible (just check out our reviews and see for yourself). A real estate professional such as Anthony Gargaro will help take the weight off your shoulders, negotiate a deal, and see the process through until closing.

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