Home renovations can be a pain whether your selling or home or not but its something that has to be done if necessary when it comes time to sell your home because the return on what you put into the home is going to outweigh everything! Trust me we have the numbers to prove it! and even better we have step by step advice for you that is priceless and keep in mind that fixtures will vary depending on the severity.


Minor Bathroom Remodel: You will have an average return at resale of 102%.  Sounds great doesn’t it? Depending on how outdated the bathroom is or if anything is on the verge of breaking down the fixtures will vary.  For example, it will cost around $10,000 to replace a tub or if it’s a minor fixture such as re-caulking it will only cost around $100.

Landscaping: The Average return at resale is 100%. If you’re not sure where to start local garden centers often offer free design services.  Just adding a splash of color to the front yard can add great value. A minimal yet charming focal point should be taken into consideration as well with color enhancement such as greenery.

Minor Kitchen Remodel: The average return at resale is 98.5%.  A minor kitchen remodel averages around $14,000 at resale this will include cabinets, drawers, wall oven, cook-top, sink, fixtures, laminate counter-tops, and resilient flooring.  Now of course you probably wont need to update all of these features but we are showing you this as precaution so take in account what you will actually need to update and subtract from there. Side note, if your home is over $500,000 go with stone or trendy glass counter-tops.

Exterior Improvements: The average return at resale is 95.5%.  some suggestions that add major value are paint covers, sanding, and fiber cement siding. Remove old awnings from windows and doors.

Deck, Patio, or Porch Addition: The average return at resale is 90.3%. Adding eye appeal with decorative planters on the front porch, patio, and decks. You can give a courtyard an impressive entry with an inviting gate, lighting, and mature plantings. Small improvements will have a big impact at closing. Make sure porch railings are safe and attractive. Ensuring the deck, patio, and porch are safe will save you a major headache at closing and inspections. This can be a make or break for some buyers.

Replacement Windows: The average return at resale is 89.6%.  When speaking about a colder state and humid summer state such as Michigan adding argon gas inside the pane to prevent heat and cold transference within the window. Replacing windows pay off way more in colder climates than a hotter one.

Living Room Updates  (Décor): Average return at resale is 66%. This would fall in the category of staging when speaking up updates for the living room.  Staging can be extremely helpful when it comes to selling your home.  Some tips take into consideration would be, adding crown moldings, shift furniture away from walls to make room feel larger and more contemporary, create seating area around a focal point such as a fireplace.  Remember, details add dollars!

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